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The inhabitants of the compound certainly lived an isolated existence and had very little contact with their neighbours, residents in the area told the BBC’s M Ilyas Khan in Abbottabad. The two brothers have been identified in numerous media reports as Arshad and Tariq Khan – although Associated Press reporter Nahal Toosi points out that there are conflicting local reports about their identity.Some reports, such as the Guardian account, identifies one of them as the Bin Laden courier who the CIA was tracking, but BBC Urdu analyst Rahimullah Yusufzai says this information cannot be verified. A reporter from the Indian channel ETV Uttar Pradesh even reported that one neighbour said that when local children hit a cricket ball into the compound, they were not allowed to retrieve it. Rumours circulated about the men. Local driver Qazi Faisal told BBC Urdu’s Aijaz Mahar that people thought these brothers were smugglers. Continue reading Adding a test post to see if links are still broken.